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January 16, 2011
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Living Well

Living Well

Living well is the difference between living half awake or living a full, beautiful life. It’s a very simple concept with many lessons. Living consciously is the best gift you can give to yourself. The act of conscious living is more about a way of being and seeing your life. It isn’t a practice or habit, but a way of being. Key concepts include you can explore in counseling:

1. Knowing yourself and having the courage to let others know it! Reach deep and find the strength to listen to that voice that wants to guide you. It’s a voice that can get lost in fear, other peoples’ desires, regret and disappointment. You may find that life pulls you in different directions and you don’t always get what you want in life. But if you listen to your inner calling, you can always find your way back and find a version that’s congruent with your passion.

2. Identify the things, actions and people you want in your life. On a daily basis surround yourself with everything you love. Don’t focus on what’s missing or not having enough people to love. Be grateful and except the life you’ve created, thus far, today.

3. Love yourself and you will bring more love into your life. This requires you to show your emotions on a daily basis. Let your feelings breathe and flow through you. Denying how you feel is unhealthy and keeps you stuck.

4. Put good things into your mind in body. This includes choosing an environment that inspires you, listening to music that speaks to you, doing work that nourishes you, eating food that keep you healthy, fueled and alive. Remember, everything that goes in must be processed and digested. Your mind/body is either spending its energy detoxifying the junk you put in or using the most of the richness you take in.

5. Cultivate pleasure on a daily basis. Quick highs and chemically induced (synthetic) pleasure is a long-term plan. The key to living a good life is finding what makes you happy and building a life around it. Protect what you build. Love what you build.

6. It’s never too late to live well. The further you get away from yourself, the more difficult it is to find yourself. It isn’t a journey one can take alone. People need people and this become more true when you’re lost and can’t see who you are anymore. If you lose sight of what’s real and right for you, you’ll need trusted people to help you back on course. Don’t deny the power of people, love and friendship.

Trish Moore
Copyright 2010