We offer counseling services in the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area through on-site counseling, telehealth, and online classes.

Conscious Living Counseling and Education Center is here to help you keep pace in a changing world.

We’re here to support you, partnering with you in developing a personalized care plan addressing your challenges, needs, and concerns.

Ways we can work together:

Kama Jensen



I love helping people struggling with anxiety. My approach to counseling includes effectively practicing research-based therapies and partnering with patients to engage in the recovery process. Tackling the anxiety issues will open up space in your mind and heart – think of all the time and energy it takes to worry and ruminate! We’ll address your anxiety concerns, then we’ll fill all the new space with good stuff to enhance and reclaim your life. I offer a couple of options for one-to-one work. Please explore the website and see what’s the best option for you.

Option One:

I offer clinical, research-proven strategies to help adults living in North Dakota (and the surrounding communities) get help and move forward from an anxiety condition. I accept private pay and most BCBS and Sanford plans. 

>> Read Kama’s Bio.

Option Two:

Looking for treatment but living outside of ND or the US? I often get requests from people living elsewhere due to my specialty. I offer anxiety recovery coaching through a separate LLC. Contact me, and I will send you additional information. This program is not covered by insurance and includes other services. It is a private pay service.

Online Courses & Options:

ADHD and anxiety


SpaceOut ™ – CLC’s proprietary, signature TIME MANAGEMENT and PERSONAL MANAGEMENT program.

The course is designed for adults seeking personal freedom and discipline. It’s created for FAST MINDS that are creative (“Ideator” track), or struggle with ADHD (“Executive Function” track), or grew up without structure (“Throttle Up” track).

The course begins in September of each year.


lump in throat

Course: Clearing a lump in my throat

Feeling like something is stuck in your throat? I get it. Sensitive body parts can send a lot of body signaling. And the throat is an area of your body that’s sensitive to any disruption or problems!

This course is designed for people who have been turned away from ENT’s for being “overly sensitive” or anxious about throat sensations.

The course runs in January of each year.

ADHD fargo

Course: Is it ADHD?

Guess what! Even though you’ve been told you don’t have ADHD, it doesn’t mean you don’t!

This course provides the education and advocacy skills to present your concerns, GET HEARD and explore your treatment options.

The course runs in January of each year.