Meet Our Counselors

What best describes our counseling services?




Conscious Living Counseling has two providers. Both are uniquely trained and have a specialized focus. Also, both providers share the same philosophy when it comes to holistic counseling.
Both providers, Kama and Erin, pair holistic and research-based interventions together because it offers the best options for recovery.
Isn’t it the truth!? If you go see a fully alternative provider, you often have to toss out a lot of what’s offered and scoop up the gems of wisdom. If you go see a traditionally trained medical provider, he or she often knows very little about holistic care.
Our providers study and practice on both sides of the fence. It’s the best path to recovery. You shouldn’t have to choose.

Kama Jensen, LPCC

Complex Anxiety Conditions

I love helping people struggling with anxiety. My approach to counseling includes effectively practicing research-based therapies and partnering with patients to engage in the recovery process. Tackling the anxiety issues will open up space in your mind and heart – just think of all the time and energy it takes to worry and ruminate! We’ll address your anxiety concerns, then we’ll fill all the new space with good stuff to enhance and reclaim your life.

Erin Hagen, LPCC

Relational Trauma & Anxiety

Most trauma involves experiences between people. If you’re looking to heal and grow from relational anxiety or trauma, the interaction between you and a counseling professional is very important. Trust and connection are essential for healing and growth. I look forward to building a strong alliance with you! I offer smart solutions and accountability. I hold a reliable, predictable environment  – you will feel both supported and challenged in the healing process.

We offer counseling services in the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area & by telehealth to the surrounding communities.

At Conscious Living Counseling and Education Center, our counselors are dedicated to helping you manage the struggles presented by today’s modern world. We’re here to support you, partnering with you in developing a personalized care plan addressing your challenges, needs, and concerns.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, relational challenges, or having difficulty managing COVID-19 related stress, reach out to our counselors at Conscious Living Counseling.