Is counseling helpful?

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Uncomfortable Healing
August 1, 2020

Is counseling helpful?

counseling helpful

Is counseling helpful?

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I know reaching out for help can be challenging at first. But we’re here to help. It’s okay for you to want more support and learn how to improve coping strategies.

Is counseling helpful? Heck yes.

Let’s take a look at why.

Suppose we get down to the heart of healing? Healing is being fully present with yourself and what’s happening. You’d think this would be easy. But it isn’t always easy. Sometimes it feels impossible.

We can help you confront what you’ve learned to avoid, whether it’s feelings, thoughts, changes in your relationships, or life situations. Being stuck doesn’t develop from a bad experience; getting stuck comes from the patterns that form after the experience. Honestly, we can get stuck in believing we don’t have the resources to cope or that life is in some way permanently altered.

When we’re stuck, negative thoughts and emotions feel rigid and concrete. As if it has taken us over. We’re less vulnerable and open to new information and learning. Our process helps you to open and disrupt the existing order and cycle. It’s possible to restore order in your mind, heart, and relationships.

Counseling gives you a private, engaging place to explore fears and resilience. It seems odd that a therapeutic relationship can have this much power. But it does.

At CLC, our counselors sincerely love what we do, and we can help you find your resilience again. We coach you to access prefrontal thinking, ground in your emotions, strengthen flexible thinking, and look at your strengths empoweringly.

I know your worries and fears seem scary now. But it won’t be forever. Most people fear uncertainty and change but do well when a challenging event happens. Maybe you can relate to that? There is a reason people do unusually well when their fears happen. It’s usually not the *thing* that happened or is happening but the response pattern that keeps the fear stuck in the “on” mode.

It’s so essential that your mind can see possibilities. You know it is safe for you to be in your body, mind, and the world. You can see new things, have new thoughts, feel new things, and say new words. We can help you get traction by imagining and building a way forward.

Something has to change. If you close yourself to healing, relationships, or the world in the pursuit of safety. Life will march forward. And when we can’t think of new thoughts, be with people naturally, or be emotionally well – our fears grow more robust, and our hearts become heavier.