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What’s Health and Illness Anxiety? And Why Is It Making You Sick?

Okay, can I get your full attention to discuss the topic of Health and Illness Anxiety? This condition does NOT get enough attention when assessing anxiety concerns. Health and illness anxiety is a fear that you are ill or a fear that you have a medical condition that will lead to a loss in control or death.

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Your mind and sensory receptors have gone on a hunt! They’re scanning for any threats to your health. And they’re working really hard too. I’m sorry this is happening for you. It’s a very real, painful, and frustrating condition.

My name is Kama. I believe I can help.

Are You Ready?


  • Do you spend over 30 – 60 minutes a day googling health issues, or when you have a “flare-up” in physical sensations?
  • Is worrying about your health making it difficult to concentrate on anything else? 
  • Are you noticing an increase in physical sensations on a part of your body?
  • Are you avoiding or seeking medical attention because of these sensations?
  • Have friends or your partner have told you that you worry too much and seem down?
  • Yet, you still worry about your health?


Common questions about ILLNESS ANXIETY:

Is this a real anxiety condition?

Yes! Very real. I can’t stress this enough. Please consider getting help.

I’m too embarrassed to talk about it. You’ll think I’m crazy. What can I do?

No, I won’t. Illness anxiety is relatively common. Nothing you say will shock me. Really. I get it. Common fear themes are a brain tumor, MS, heart attack or heart-related issues, blood clots, cancer, rare or unique illness, undiagnosed autoimmune, or low hormones.

But what if I’m really sick?

Right, maybe you are. We’ll discuss the medical protocol for treating health/illness anxiety. It’s essential to have a medical team you trust.

Illness anxiety isn’t about wholly ruling-out a medical condition. It’s about learning how to live with the fact that all of us can be walking around with health issues because we are humans. There is no guarantee. Humans suffer from specific medical problems. A diagnosis of illness anxiety is appropriate when the level of worry and distress is no longer helpful or informative. Everyone worries about getting sick, but people struggling with health anxiety are crippled by fear – losing control, illness, or fear of death.

What’s the treatment?

At CLCEC, we practice evidence-based interventions using somatic and exposure-based treatments. We’re also holistic. You and I will do both, and get you on your way. You’ll need to practice your skills, though. And you’ll need to practice daily, even if symptoms are low.