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If you have identified that you want or need help, the next step is finding a professional. I am an anxiety counselor who can support you. Please read more about Conscious Living Counseling & Education Center’s providers, and call if you need additional information about services, insurance options, or scheduling.

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Anxiety Specialist North Dakota

Kama Jensen, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Clinical Counseling | Anxiety Counselor | CBT & Somatic Therapist


Hello! Welcome! I’m so glad you’re visiting us.

My name is Kama and I’m an anxiety specialist. I love helping people with anxiety concerns related to social anxiety, panic, health anxiety, OCD, generalized anxiety, and anxious insomnia. I opened the clinic in 2007 with this passion in mind.


My approach as a counselor includes effectively practicing research-based therapies, patient-focused care and first-line treatments for anxiety conditions and adult ADHD.

I look for ways to introduce education, skills development, and new learning to ensure the greatest outcome in care.


I often see people who are experiencing multiple concerns. For this reason, I enjoy working with both simple and complex anxiety concerns.

For example, at least 30% of people seeking help for anxiety have attention or executive function impairments (EF) – so EF training is integrated into my practice. 


I’m a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). As a masters-level counselor, I have studied educational, spiritual, and scientific research related to mental health.

My counseling experience includes for-profit and non-profit organizations, private practice, and academia. Additional work history includes serving as the Executive Director of a mental health organization and teaching masters-level counseling courses.

In conjunction with state licensing requirements, I receive ongoing clinical education to stay current with the issues and ethical guidelines related to providing quality mental health services.

Special Focus

I’m dedicated to cross-training in multiple areas of study. I’m currently seeing clients for anxiety concerns and FLOW counseling. However, special focus is supported in the following areas:


Social Anxiety 

Social anxiety is a highly specialized area of care. Due to the negative consequences of under-treatment or no interventions, this area of care is a top priority for me.

Additional training in:

  • CBT for social anxiety
  • social skills and development
  • exposure and experimental learning
  • social and relational trauma


Adult ADHD

I’m a lifelong student of helping men and women with ADHD reach personal goals.

Additional training in:

  • neuro-health
  • holistic and medical options for ADHD
  • social learning and neuro-health
  • executive function skills
  • rejection sensitivity
  • hyperactivity and inattentive patterns


Mental Health for Business Owners  

Business owners have struggled the last couple of years. There are lots of opportunities, but also significant challenges to overcome. In addition, managing employees and motivating teams have never been more challenging. The stress of showing up for yourself, and others, takes a special kind of person. The kind of person who isn’t afraid to make mistakes and keep learning.

Additional training in:

  • CBT for business gain
  • focus points for traction
  • business stamina and resilience