CLCEC’s website collects the following information from users including: pages observed, email address (if user sends email to CLCEC) and geographic position.

Collecting this data is required to operate a basic website and contact form. Users are free to not interact with the website and discontinue use of the site.

Website visitors and users are responsible for any third-party personal data obtained, published or shared through any application and web browser, such as Google.

CLCEC takes appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure and modification of all data collected.

Personal data may be collected for the following purposes and services: analytics, email request, payments and payment options, marketing data.

Users may exercise certain rights by not visiting an online site and contacting the agency by phone.

CLCEC is unable to control your privacy if you click on any link that takes you away from the CLCEC website, such as a facebook link.

CLCEC reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. Changes will be posted on this page.

By using and interacting with our website, you are agreeing to the privacy and cookie policies. 


Cookies consist of portions of code installed in the browser that assist CLCEC in providing the services. We value your trust and only use technology necessary to operate the website.

CLCEC uses Google Analytics to monitor how people interact with our website. Google may use the data collected to personalize ads on their own advertising network. Ads are not used on the CLCEC website. CLCEC has not knowingly installed any additional widgets to collect data or store data. We value your privacy and keep widgets and data collection limited to the site operation tasks.

If you would like to block cookies, you may manage preferences for cookies directly from your own browser settings and block third parties from installing cookies. You can also delete cookies installed in the past internet use.

If required by state or federal privacy laws, CLCEC will make every attempt to collect consent on any action requiring notice of data use. Updates will be posted on this site. By using and interacting with our website, you are agreeing to the privacy and cookie policies. We appreciate your trust.




Your opinion matters to us. If we see a patient response online, we’ll:

  1. Contact you by mail to send you a special thanks! We work hard to be helpful and provide the best outcome. We don’t solicit reviews, request reviews or testimony from past, present or possible clients. Why? It’s prohibited by professional ethics and federal/state privacy law.

Or we’ll…

  1. Contact you by mail if you have a complaint. We strive to improve the quality of services from your first call to your last visit. We want you to have a good experience. If something was off, we’ll contact you to resolve the issue in a fair and respectful way. This may include a refund for services.

Lastly, we believe it’s important to note there are a variety of motivating factors driving online reviews. If you’re searching for a new therapist, we recommend asking a trusted friend or medical provider. You’re more likely to get accurate information.

All clients are welcome to call with comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Last Updates: June 2018