We Offer Exposure-Based CBT for Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Depression Disorders: Why Choose Us?
We Offer Behavioral Activation Therapy for the Treatment of Depression Disorders
May 2, 2017
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May 2, 2017

We Offer Exposure-Based CBT for Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Counseling: Why Choose Us?

Anxiety Disorder: Why Choose Us?

Living with an anxiety disorder is painful and debilitating. It will take work and dedication, but you can break free from an anxiety disorder. The last decade of research has truly changed how clinicians treat anxiety disorders. Modern treatments are highly effective and research-supported. Treatment usually requires 6 – 22 sessions. Many people choose to continue and gain additional benefits.

Conscious Living Counseling & Education Center is proud to offer exposure-based CBT treatment. We focus specifically on anxiety and depression disorders.


  • Basic Description of Exposure-Based CBT: This treatment focuses on the interconnection of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The individual and counselor work as a team to shift and alter patterns that are stuck and unhelpful.


  • The Heart ♥ of this Treatment: exposure-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy aims to help you identify, challenge, and modify dysfunctional response patterns related to generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and panic symptoms. Avoidance of anxiety and panic-triggers are targeted through exposure or experimental exercises.


For more information about effective treatment therapies for anxiety, visit the Society of Clinical Psychology’s website, which offers information on effective treatments for anxiety disorders.  The site offers treatment descriptions, research support, and clinical resources.