What If He Won’t Go to See a Counselor?

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January 2, 2011
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January 2, 2011

What If He Won’t Go to See a Counselor?

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Don’t Wait If Your Relationship Is Struggling

One of the more common excuses made by individuals when it comes to not seeking help is that their partner wasn’t willing to seek help as well. It’s an understandable, but keeps the couple stuck. Counseling outcome improve if both partners participate in counseling, however, it can still help if only one person seeks help.

A marriage counselor can work with an individual if their partner is unwilling to try counseling. Areas of focus may include:

* Learning how to better communicate with your partner

* Learning how to decrease patterns of criticism, defensiveness, contempt, stonewalling

* Learning how to keep kids out of conflict

* Learning how to do self-care and stay calm during conflict

Both partners don’t have to attend for counseling to have a positive impact on a relationship. It only takes one person to get the conversation started. Often, individual counseling can spark interest in the other partner to join in with the counseling.