Recurrent Depression is a Serious Medical Concern

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October 13, 2015
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February 15, 2016

Recurrent Depression is a Serious Medical Concern

Ever wonder what it’s like to live with recurrent depression or know it all too well? This video can help you explain it to your loved ones.

Wondering if you should reach out for help?

Please take depression symptoms seriously. It may take time to recovery, but it’s essential that you don’t attempt to do this on your own. Many patients schedule with me after years of fighting depression and anxiety on their own. People need people. And we certainly need people when we’re in mental and emotional pain.

There is another reason that you shouldn’t walk the path alone. With each episode of depression, your mind becomes more likely to experience another episode.  We want to keep these episodes as short and as mild as possible. I’ve been practicing skills designed to help with depression and anxiety for 10+ years and I believe in the skills. It will take time to learn, practice and repeat the skills. You’ll learn that’s okay, too– I believe this video highlights this experience well. Peace and hope to all people struggling alone with anxiety and depression. Maybe this is the year?