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September 17, 2012
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September 28, 2012

Everything Needs a Home

Have you heard the rule that ‘Everything needs a home’ in order to have an organized home or work environment? This is an important concept for adults living with ADHD. A possession without a home quickly becomes homeless and often goes missing.

Many of your belongings can be assigned a permanent home. Examples are kitchen supplies, laundry supplies and toys. Returning these items back to the ‘right spot’ is essential to staying organized and in control of your environment.

However, some belongings will travel from place to place without a permanent place to call home. Examples are cell phones, house/work keys and wallets. These items are apt to land in some random place. In order to adjust to this challenge, these items need numerous landing spots.

For example, let’s look at landing spots for car keys:

  • Hook by the door (main landing spot)
  • Ignition
  • Right side corner or my purse
  • Docking station on my office desk
  • Left back or front pocket of my clothing
  • Worst case- left side of my bra

If you use an item a lot, it will be simple to create and remember your landing spots.

This ADHD coaching technique also works for projects. Ever tried to put together something that requires assembling? How many times did you misplace a hammer or screw? Try picking three landing spots for certain items. It will save you time and a few aspirin.

ADHD coaching is about minimizing distractions, finding what works and moving forward. If you are interested in ADHD coaching, please call and talk with a counselor.