Sleep Problems:

Work to improve sleep, fall asleep faster and sleep more.

More times than not, some degree of insomnia will exist with either anxiety or depression.

Conscious Living Counseling & Education Center offers CBT-I counseling. CBT-I is a helpful treatment approach to reduce sleep-related problems that often co-exist with anxiety and depression disorders. The treatment is a non-medication approach to insomnia.

There are medical and behavioral reasons for insomnia. Medically speaking, there are three primary reasons for sleep disruption:

  • anxiety (usually but not always presents as problems falling asleep)
  • body/medical-related (usually but not always presents as waking in the middle of the night)
  • depression (usually but not always presents as early morning waking)

CBT-I counseling offers a step-by-step program to improve the duration and quality of sleep. Learn more about CBTi.

Counseling for Sleep

Provider Request for CBTi:

Kama Jensen, LPCC