Using the “Motivation Question Loop” to Stay Focused

Happiness is a Focused Mind
January 3, 2011
Focus and Problem Solving
January 8, 2011

Using the “Motivation Question Loop” to Stay Focused


Need to get started on something or stay motivated once you’ve started a project? Ask yourself these questions over and over until it sticks.

1. What do you want to accomplish?
2. Why is this goal important to you?
3. What are the consequences if you do not accomplish your goal?

Practice the question loop- it really works.

Other questions you may want to ask yourself:

* What are the first 3-5 steps that you will need to complete or get started?
* How much time will it take to achieve the goal? (x this by 2)
* When can I schedule the time to work on the project?
* If maintenance is required, when can I schedule a time to revisit planning?
* Am I assigning emotion to the situation? Can I befriend my goals?