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Adults living with ADHD will often struggle with the following concerns:

  • Getting started on a task or project
  • Identifying action steps and proper order of steps to complete a project
  • Inhibiting internal thoughts and external distractions
  • Shifting focus too frequently or hyper-focusing too long
  • Planning ahead and building time awareness
  • Organizing thoughts
  • Organizing and tracking belongings
  • Self-monitoring behavior and learning from past outcomes
  • Processing information too quickly or too slowly
  • Maintaining focus during conversations
  • Building and maintain relationships
  • Managing emotions
  • Using time management tools such as a calendar and memory tool
  • Consistently forgetting priorities/goals or poor follow-through with a goal

ADHD Coaching helps adults living with ADHD overcome these challenges. In the process, people learn how to become their own best ADHD coach and apply skills without outside intervention.

What’s the first step to becoming your own ADHD coach? Get help and learn more about how symptoms are impacting your life. Check-out our free handout on ADHD self-coaching. Click the PDF link above.

Learn how to self-coach.   Empower yourself!