Anxiety Education

Quick Check-In

When a quick check-in is all that it takes.

Help, Post-Treatment

Let’s get back to life. When a lower-level of care is best for you. Please consider CLCEC’s Anxiety Education and Training service.

Post-Treatment Care with Provider: Kama Jensen

Working with anxiety concerns has been my life’s work. I’ve added a post-treatment program to support relapse prevention. You did the work- now let’s maintain it! The post-treatment program is kinda like wearing a retainer after having braces removed. If there is a longstanding history of anxiety-based thinking, it can slip back in from time to time.

Together, we connect by phone or on CLCEC’s online clinic to practice core anxiety skills. This is a highly engaged meeting.

The service is available to clients who:

  • Benefit from an accountability partner to practice skills on an ongoing basis
  • Benefit from check-in’s to prevent relapse
  • Have been recently released from partial care at Sanford or another community program



We practice mastery with the 5 cores skills to manage anxiety symptoms.

Appointments are scheduled in increments:

15 minutes/$30.00

30 minutes/$60.00


You can schedule in advance or request a visit the day of service, provider’s schedule allowing. Payments are collected the day of service by credit card or self-pay.

Same-day scheduling is helpful for conditions like OCD, health anxiety (hypochondria), and panic- all conditions in which severity can increase after a long period of being low.


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