Online Counseling, Fargo

Our online format is ideal for the person who has a higher need for privacy or convenience. Services are available to any person & couple living in North Dakota. We welcome residents in the entire state- including Valley City, Jamestown, Bismarck and rural communities.

We hold the first session over the phone to discuss your goals and get you ready for online counseling or training. Or, if you are tech-savvy, we can jump in quickly and begin a tele-visit the first session. 


Personal Needs, Privacy & Convenience

To determine if the online format is the best fit for you, please consider the following questions:

  1. Is it difficult for me to get away from my office or home?
  2. Is childcare a concern for me?
  3. Is the office located too far from my home?
  4. Am I concerned about seeing people I know?
  5. Are my symptoms (related to anxiety or depression) holding me back from getting help?
  6. Do I have additional costs if I attend an office visit, such as childcare, requesting time off work or travel expenses?


Technology Requirements

The following equipment is needed for a tele-visit:

  1. A computer or device with a camera and microphone.
  2. Updated version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  3. Internet/wifi with strong connection and speed. We will test your equipment before we begin.
  4. Ability to re-start your computer before a session.
  5. Quiet and private environment.


Other Considerations

Telecounseling is not appropriate if you are experiencing harming or suicidal thoughts. We highly recommend an office visit for any person needing a wellness or safety assessment. If your provider suspects these concerns, your counselor will recommend an evaluation.

Telecounseling is not appropriate for those abusing substances. If your provider suspects substance use during your visit, the counselor will discuss more appropriate and beneficial options for accessing care.

We welcome questions. Please call and discuss if the online format is an option for you. 

Meet with a counselor from home or your office. 

HIPAA Compliant

Simple Access

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