Relational Trauma

We Focus On 3 Areas of Relational Healing & Anxiety

Interpersonal Trauma:

Bonding patterns repeated in relationships

Parental Anxiety:

Helping parents help their children struggling with anxiety

Relationship Bonding:

Couples and marriage bonding patterns


Ever worry that you’re not doing enough to help your child? When our children are suffering, it can consume every thought. It’s okay, Parents. You’re worried about your child experiencing anxiety. We get it.

We provide services to adults. We love helping parents with anxious kids! We can help moms and dads break the worry cycle and begin modeling for independent and courageous children.

Provider, Erin Hagen, specializes in working with parents to bring both structure, and carefree-play back into the home. An increasing number of children are struggling with anxiety conditions. It’s very difficult to help our kids activate new learning if we, as parents, are stuck in an anxious cycle.



Did you know only 55% of people have the necessary bonding and attachment skills necessary to grow a successful relationship or marriage? This is our area of specialty. Please call if you are looking to strengthen your marriage, or build on the skills necessary to improve your relationship.

Couple and Marriage Counselor, Amy Runcorn, is currently accepting new patients in-office and using the telehealth platform.



Sometimes it isn’t an anxiety disorder-condition: It’s relational anxiety. With optimal mental health, we trust our relationships and make wise decisions about our relationships. However, based on various factors, relationally traumatized individuals often feel as if they have all or one of the following concerns:

  • a  poorly defined sense of self (autonomy)
  • practice poor boundaries or struggle to accept boundaries established by others
  • difficulty regulating emotions in relationships including stonewalling, aggressive posturing, being overly cynical, attempting to please the other person
  • desperation to avoid loneliness, or, going the opposite direction by avoiding bonding
  • a tendency to get in relationships to rescue others, or use them
  • a pattern of relationships with a superficial level of intimacy
  • building narratives about the relationship without communicating with the other person
  • constant body tension around people or a sense of threat that does not match the facts

Provider, Erin Hagen, helps people heal from relational trauma, and improve interpersonal responsibility. She offers somatic and EMDR to heal sensory hyper-reaction. Also, you will learn skills to strengthen communication and build relational trust. Relationships are people-growing experiences and strengthen our ability to empathize with others, vocalize our needs, learn from rejection (another person’s boundaries), and practice healthy attachment patterns.

anxious moms


We’re a private practice and we strive to deliver premium counseling services. Your privacy is our primary concern.

We offer supportive counseling (also referred to as private-pay counseling) to clients seeking a private experience.

You don’t need “a reason” to schedule. If you believe you would benefit from talking to another adult, privately and confidentially, about what’s happening in your life, that’s enough.

All counselors and providers at CLCEC offer personal counseling services, which is a private-pay service. Private-pay offers the highest level of privacy.

All services in the Relational Healing & Anxiety Program are private-pay services. What is the difference between a private-pay service and clinical service? Private-pay services do not include a clinical/medical evaluation. Insurance companies do not reimburse for non-medical services. If using insurance, click here to learn more about clinical care.

Relational-Counseling Rates:

Intake Appointment/50 minutes: $150.00

Return Appointment/45 minutes: $120.00

Extended Sessions: $2.40 Minute

Please call or email if you have questions.