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Clinic Fees & Rates

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Provider Rates:

Kama accepts the following insurance plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota & Minnesota, and Sanford Health.

If you choose to use your insurance coverage, you are responsible for co-pays and any services not covered under your insurance plan


Clinical Office Visit Rates with Insurance/Billing:

  • Initial Clinical Evaluation, 60 minutes, $185.00 fee
  • Return Clinical Visit, 45 minutes, $130.00 fee
  • Return Clinical Visit, 30 minutes, $90.00 fee
  • Clinical Testing, $180.00 fee
  • Medical Chart Review, no fee
  • Phone check-in under 15 minutes, no fee


Self-Pay % Discount, Due at time of appointment/No Billing:

  • Initial Evaluation, $150.00 fee
  • Return Visit, 45 minutes, $120.00 fee
  • Return Visit, 30 minutes, $90.00 fee
  • Clinical Testing, $180.00 Hour
  • Phone check-in under 15 minutes, no fee

Erin does not accept insurance.


Office Visit Rates, Due at time of appointment/No Billing:

  • Initial Session, 45-50 minutes, $150.00 fee
  • Return Session, 45-50 minutes, $120.00 fee
  • Phone check-in over 15 minutes, $50+ fee

Career Specialist, Office Visit Rates:


  • Initial & Return Meeting, 60 minutes, $120.00 fee
  • Phone check-in, 30 minutes, $75+ fee (depending on time)


* Career Counseling is a personalized process. You and your career coach will discuss a plan, including fees for testing. Rates for the Strong Inventory and/or other assessment tools may apply.

CBTi Evening Telehealth/Telecounseling Rates:


Provider: Heidi Rude, Sleep Coach Associate

(Scheduling now for January 2019 sessions)

  • Evening & Weekend, 50 minute sessions, $50.00 fee
  • Recommend minimum of 4 sessions. (Average investment $200.00)


Provider: Kama Jensen, LPCC

  • Evening, 50 minutes, $180.00 fee
  • Evening, 30 minutes, $90.00 fee




At CLCEC, we care about healthcare and fiscal responsibility. We strive for transparent and clear information about the costs and benefits of our services.

Like you, we are consumers of medical care and are concerned about the growing costs of insurance coverage and office visits. We are committed to keeping our prices in a range that reflects our operating costs and employee wages.


Want to get involved and communicate the need for sustainable, fiscally responsible medical care? We recommend starting with this resource. https://freopp.org


We are grateful to work in a state where the leading insurance companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Sanford Health, are mental health supportive. We are honored to be in-network with both.

In 2019, it is a goal to register all clinical providers with these insurance companies. This takes time-based on the licensure process.


Community resources are available if cost is an issue. Please call for more information.