Medical Conditions

Medical-Related Conditions

Many medical conditions worsen or cause anxiety and/or depression symptoms. Provider, Kama Jensen, has training in chronic pain, autoimmune and medical-related symptoms management.

She takes a functional medicine approach and partners with your medical team to gather and track information about your symptoms.  Together, you will create a timeline of your medical history, organize this information, and build your voice to better define wellness goals.  The complexity of both medical and mental health concerns, makes it difficult to prioritize a care plan.  In addition, people struggle to do this alone as energy levels are often low and brain fog symptoms come and go.  Working together, you’ll map out next steps to create a matrix that supports natural healing.

In this treatment track, the therapeutic approach includes nutritional support, stress management practices, and a paired relationship of alternative/traditional medical support.

Medical-related counseling often requires long-term counseling support, due to limited availability, Kama often accepts 10 patients in this program.

However, Kama monitors for conditions that can present as depression-like or anxiety-like disorders with all patients.  For example, certain medical conditions have depression as a symptom.  Kama has experience differentiating between true depression conditions and medical-induced conditions.  Kama may request blood lab work to support an accurate diagnosis and rule out nutritional deficiencies that may contribute to or worsen a depressive or anxiety condition.

Provider Request:

Please request provider, Kama Jensen, when calling to schedule an appointment to discuss care for medical-related conditions.