Co-Existing Medical Conditions

Medical-Related Conditions:

Organize your health information and map out next steps to manage your overall health.

Many medical conditions worsen or cause anxiety and/or depression symptoms. Provider, Kama Jensen, has training in chronic pain, autoimmune and medically-related symptom management.

She takes a functional medicine approach and partners with your medical team to gather and track your progress. Together, you will create a timeline of your symptoms and organize your health information.

Living with a chronic medical concern makes it difficult to prioritize a care plan. In addition, people struggle to do this alone as energy levels are often low and brain fog symptoms come and go. Working with a medical counselor will help you map out the next step to manage anxiety and depression symptoms secondary to a medical condition.

In this treatment track, the therapeutic approach includes nutritional support, stress management practices, and a paired relationship between alternative and traditional treatment options.

Kama monitors for conditions that can present as depression-like or anxiety-like disorders with all patients. For example, certain medical conditions have depression as a symptom. Kama has experience differentiating between true depression conditions and medical-induced conditions. Kama may request blood lab work to support an accurate diagnosis and rule out nutritional deficiencies that may contribute to or worsen a depressive or anxiety condition.

Provider Request:

Please request provider, Kama Jensen, when calling to schedule an appointment to discuss care for medical-related conditions.