“I started the counseling center in 2007 because I wanted to offer people a safe place to talk. The clinic has evolved and specializes in specific areas. I believe anxiety and depression disorders are often under-treated, poorly treated or overlooked.”

ADHD counselor

I enjoy working with all ages, and with a variety of mental health concerns. I’ll nurture a calm, supportive presence in your life so you can do the work and strengthen your self-trust.


  • Women’s & Men’s Health
  • Healthy Relationships
  • General Anxiety
  • Navigation in a changing world

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Counselor | Therapist


Hey, you! How are you doing? Really, how are you coping these days? Do you need more support and additional resources to manage the anxiety or stress?



Welcome. I am a master-level clinician. At Conscious Living Counseling, you’ll find that we have a high-level focus on your recovery. But what you’ll feel is support, compassion, and noticeable shifts in your thoughts and emotions.

We focus on your well-being and true solutions for creating a more relaxed mind and body. Your mental health is a top priority for you. For us too. Please consider taking the first step and getting the support you need.



I enjoy working with both men and women. My primary focus is on anyone struggling with anxiety-related concerns with general anxiety, panic, stress, and overwhelm.



I’m a master-level therapist. My work in this area advanced my interventions with clients, enabling me to see and offer approaches to their mental health.

Joining CLC, my primary counseling focus is anxiety, stress, and general mental health concerns. My experience in this area includes CBT and exposure therapy training from leading national experts in CBT.



I’m booking now. Click here to schedule now. I’m excited to learn more about you!

CONSCIOUS LIVING COUNSELING is rooted in research, relationships, and resilience!

Research: Do work that truly helps people get the desired results.

Relationships: Create a relationship that supports healing.

Resilience: Wellness-oriented approach to mental and physical health.