Counseling Anxiety North Dakota


A lot on your mind? Living with emotional or anxious discomfort can be exhausting.



Are you living with a tense body and mind? Are you worried about making the wrong choice or feeling indecisive? Feeling anxious, obsessive, overly self-conscious, or drained?

I’m so glad you found CLCEC’s website. We specialize in anxiety spectrum challenges and relational anxiety. We offer modern, holistic counseling approaches to mental health care, including CBT, relational skills development, and somatic treatments for recovery.


You Can Feel Better.

You want to feel better. Healing is possible. We can help.

Recovery takes commitment, energy, and time. If you’re ready to do the work, we’re here to help you make the process a lot simpler. It isn’t about working harder. It’s about making changes that feel good – and grow you. 



You Don’t Have To Live This Way.

We work with our clients to make serious, life-long changes. We don’t passively nod and agree. We’ll work with you to figure everything out. Most of the people we counsel are seeking deeper self-awareness, discipline, skills, and the courage to become healthier. We believe in counseling, and the power of a challenging, compassionate, secure environment to heal.



We welcome you to explore our website. Learn more about our services, and how we can help.

Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.

⫸Our History

Kama Jensen opened the counseling center in 2007 with the goal to provide patient-focused care in a private setting. Along the way, the clinic evolved into Conscious Living Counseling & Education Center (CLCEC). The clinic focuses on issues related to fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and courage.


We’re a small team. We offer premium, deeply private, and personal counseling services. In a world of uncertainty, we’re a stable source of support for our clients. 


We specialize in relational anxiety and trauma, social anxiety, obsessive thinking, over-worry and stress, and anxiety-related insomnia. If you’re struggling with anxious feelings that don’t go away or stick around way too long, please consider working with one of our anxiety professionals.

COVID-19 ANXIETY: It’s August now, and things are only becoming more uncertain. We’re adding more educational blogs! We’ll include resources for those struggling with isolation, specific anxiety conditions, and exposure therapy modifications. Let’s continue to make gains or hold progress. During this stressful time, either is 100% okay.

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