Conscious Living Counseling & Education Center

Getting Better

You want to feel better. We understand. Anxiety and co-existing conditions, like depression, are complicated conditions. Recovery is possible. We want to help you to get better at feeling better. 

We offer a safe place for you to talk about your worst fears and deepest hopes. Our providers look at your complete health and relational profile. We want to know when your concerns began, why your struggles continued and how you are feeling today. Recovery takes commitment, energy and time. We will help you create meaningful cognitive, emotional and behavioral habits.

About Us

Kama Jensen opened the counseling center in 2007 with the goal of providing patient-focused care in a private setting. The counseling clinic evolved into Conscious Living Counseling & Education Center (CLCEC). We specialize in counseling treatments for anxiety conditions. We have dedicated our careers to anxiety and co-existing conditions, including depression.

Counselors pair leading behavioral health treatments and quality customer service. We care about your wellbeing. From the first session to the last, you are our top priority.


We continue to evolve services to meet the needs of our patients. We offer educational programs, and shorter visits to clients looking for a budget-friendly option. In addition, we recognize access to care in rural areas is tough. In order to reduce barriers to recovery, we offer tele-visits or longer sessions for travelers.

Are you ready? Contact us. We look forward to helping you.

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