Conscious Living Counseling & Education Center

We Specialize In

Conscious Living Counseling & Education Center specializes in clinical counseling services for anxiety and depression conditions.  We also offer educational resources on topics related to mental health, anxiety and depression disorders.

Personalized Healthcare 

The best care plan is specific to the unique individual, severity of symptoms, genetic history, history of relapse patterns, childhood experiences, current life skills, stress level and access to resources.  We work with you to create the best treatment outcome.

Clinical Counseling

This is a safe place for you to talk.  Counseling therapy is a helpful addition to improve symptoms and strive toward a more harmonious way of living.  You will learn skills to lighten the weight of anxiety and/or depression, and improve your quality of life.  It’s worth the work!

Partner Education

Couples therapy is an investment in your relationship.  Learn how to improve your friendship and successfully resolve conflict.  We offer special attention to the importance of including a partner in the recovery from anxiety/mood disorders & adult ADHD.

Reduced Wait Time

Conscious Living Counseling & Education Center welcomes Erin Hagen.  Erin offers sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays most weeks.  She is currently accepting new patients.  Click on link to learn more about counseling services with Erin Hagen.