Associate Provider: Erin Hagen

Anxiety has a variety of causes. A relational anxiety specialist will focus on your attachment patterns, bonding skills, and basic anxiety skills.


Looking for someone who is concentrated on what you want?
Are chronic anxious thoughts about your relationships with others impacting your health?
Are you hesitant to make connections because of past experiences?
Are you an anxious parent?
Answer “yes” to any of the above? I’d love to work with you!

Erin Hagen, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Clinical Counselor & Relational Trauma Specialist


I want to engage you in the growth process. I am challenging and compassionate. I look forward to building a strong alliance with you. Are your relationships a source of anxiety for you? Does this time in your life call for deeper reflection and awareness?

I can provide focused attention to the process by which you can produce a strategic plan for creating a life of meaning. I will offer you a safe and connected approach to counseling. I believe that holding a secure attachment in the therapy process brings strength, courage, and hope.


I am an experienced Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) with a specialty in trauma healing, self-esteem/identity development, and interpersonal growth. I have specialized training in neurological perspectives of traumatic loss, the assessment, and treatment of PTSD, and healing from interpersonal trauma. I maintain licensure standards for ongoing education in evidence-based interventions and practice.

I have more than ten years of post-masters experience working in the non-profit sector providing both individual and group counseling. I have provided educational presentations to train advocates and other counselors on the dynamics and healing process of traumatic loss.

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of counselor education and supervision.


I offer sessions on Wednesday and Thursdays most weeks. At this time, I only accept private-pay. Rates include $150.00 for the first session and $120.00 for returning sessions.


* Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder
* Healthy Attachment & Relational Anxiety
* Shame Resiliency

Erin: A great majority of trauma comes from daily interactions that are confusing or hurtful. Cumulatively, this can deteriorate our ability to see ourselves in a positive light. Relational work discredits the inner critic and allows you to get back to your best self, living your best life. Courage comes in many forms, dealing directly with thoughts, feelings, and experiences that have been painful- is crucial to living an authentic life.``