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Ready to move forward? I’m here to help you get there.

I have a passion for changing lives through results-focused care. In addition to intensive care for anxiety conditions, I offer educational programs to support recovery and improve executive function conditions.

  •                                                     – Kama Jensen, LPCC

Habit Coaching & Online Classes: 


Relationship Patterns & Social Avoidance

Condition Topic: Social Anxiety

Has the way you relate to people changed since addressing an anxiety condition? This is key to recovery. Learn how to develop and nurture relationships – without anxiety being a bonding factor in the relationship.

Cost $55.00

Available August 1, 2020


OCD Specialist, West Fargo ND

Post-Treatment Support for Anxiety Condition

Support… When You Need It.

Post-Treatment Support for Anxiety Condition

When you need a booster, or a lower level of care is best for you, please consider CLCEC’s Anxiety-Post Care service.



How to Start?

Call or email Kama. She is currently accepting new patients in this program.

SERVICE: Together, we have four 15-minute mini-sessions during one calendar month. You can use this time however you like. We’ll negotiate together to connect as quickly as possible so we can practice in “real-time.”
PURPOSE: Relapse Prevention for an Anxiety Condition
COST: Membership fee of $175.00 a month. Non-refundable, as I hold this time for you whether you use it or not. (I take 4-5 weeks off a year, you will not be charged for the time I’m not available.)
Working with anxiety concerns has been my life’s passion! I’ve added a post-treatment program to support relapse prevention. You did the work- now let’s maintain it! 
The post-treatment program is kinda like wearing a retainer after having braces removed. If there is a longstanding history of anxiety-based thinking, it can slip back in from time to time.
Together, we link by phone, text, or virtually to practice core anxiety skills. This is a highly engaged meeting. We connect to practice skills together.
The service is available to clients who:
  • Benefit from an accountability partner to practice skills on an ongoing basis
  • Benefit from check-in’s to prevent relapse
  • Have been recently released from partial care at Sanford or another community program
  • Want to connect with their mental health provider quickly, not wait for a session
How does it work?
We practice mastery with the 5 core skills to manage anxiety symptoms.
The program is ideal for people in recovery from the following conditions:
  • Health/Illness Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Panic Disorder
  • Social Anxiety