Supportive Counseling

Supportive Counseling Services

Dump everything and sort it out.


We offer you a safe place to talk and explore your concerns. We provide advanced clinical counseling services for anxiety conditions, but we’re serious about supportive counseling (also referred to as private-pay counseling). Sometimes you need a place to burn through the pain. Dump everything and sort it out.

Or, you need private-pay counseling for personal or professional reasons.

What’s different? Supportive counseling does not include an evaluation, diagnostic assessment, or diagnosis. We jump in right away. What’s happening? How do you move forward?

All counselors and providers at CLCEC offer supportive and private-pay counseling.

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Common reasons people seek supporting counseling:


  • “I don’t want a diagnosis for personal or professional reasons.”
  • “I’m sad a lot, and I don’t know why.”
  • “I’m repeating the same patterns in my relationships and feeling stuck.”
  • “I’m afraid of intimacy and feel guarded with others.”
  • “I’m always in conflict with others? Maybe it’s me?”
  • “I want to make a change but I feel unmotivated to change too.”
  • “I’m doing things that damage my health.”
  • “I’m stressed and overwhelmed often.” “My shoulders and neck are always tight.”
  • “I experience frequent feelings of irritability.”
  • “I’m disappointed with my life.”
  • “I’m thinking I’m not over a past trauma.”
  • “I’m trying to make a significant transition or change and need help.”
  • “I’m struggling to accept a chronic medical condition.”
  • “I have negative thoughts a lot, and don’t like myself sometimes.”
  • “I can’t get over the death of a loved one.”
  • “I’m struggling with the death of my pet.”
  • “I sit on the couch all night, and this isn’t the life I want for myself.”


All are common reasons for counseling. But, you don’t need “a reason” to schedule. If you believe you would benefit from talking to another adult, privately and confidentially, about what’s happening in your life- that’s enough.

Because this is a non-medical service, supportive counseling is private-pay only. This also offers a higher level of privacy, since third-party insurance companies are not involved. If using insurance, click here to learn more about clinical care.

Personal Growth & Supportive Counseling is a powerful healing intervention for emotional and cognitive health.

Supportive counseling doesn’t include a clinical evaluation. For this reason, personal growth & support counseling is private-pay only. Insurance companies do not reimburse for non-medical services. If using insurance, click here to learn more about clinical care.

This is real work, folks. It’s an opportunity for you to sit with a people expert and talk about yourself, your life, your healing.