Counseling Care

Counseling Care

This is a safe place for you to talk and explore your concerns.  General, supportive counseling is a process that creates a partnership between the individual and the provider to work together to address the underlying causes of anxiety/depression and promote optimal mental health.

Provider, Erin Hagen, has advanced training in trauma-informed counseling.  Erin provides counseling that is creative, personalized, and patient-centered.  As a trauma-informed provider, she offers a keen eye and ear for pathways to growth and healing.

Erin pairs wholeness healing strategies with neuroscience education to empower self-directed healing.  In this counseling approach, each individual receives a fluid, integrated, and personalized treatment plan that is not directed to improve patient outcomes, as this process is designed to naturally unfold.

In general, in supportive counseling the focus is on the root cause, rather than symptoms, and connection to healing is based of each person’s unique experiences and goals.  Erin is oriented to identifying the complexity of mental health and wellness.  Wholeness counseling is the heart of any counselor’s practice, as talking, being heard and strengthening one’s inner voice leads to the deepest level of wellness.

Please request provider, Erin Hagen, when calling to schedule an appointment to discuss general counseling care.